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Amazon Web Services (AWS) White Papers

  • Introducing Amazon RDS for Aurora

    The following White Paper provides an overview of one of the latest offerings from cloud leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). It's a product that will enable powerful, massively scalable relational databases in Amazon's cloud environment.

  • Amazon Web Services: An Overview

    Get a clear understanding of what Amazon Web Services (AWS) is and how it can help your business can be a daunting task. The depth and breadth of AWS is significant, comprising more than 48 services in dozens of data centers located at 11 Regions throughout the globe. Offering computing, storage, networking, deployment, management, and a host of supporting services like queues and email.

  • An Introduction to Amazon Redshift

    Like any "big data" initiative, deploying and operating a data warehouse of any size used to be limited to only large enterprises with deep budgets for proprietary hardware and multi-year software licenses. Pay-as-you-go cloud products like Google's BigQuery and AWS's Amazon Redshift change all of that, putting a fully blown, fully managed data warehouse within reach of even the smallest business.

  • An Introduction to AWS Security

    When moving to the public cloud, security is front and center, but many CTOs and CIOs first have to go through an education period in order to even learn the right questions to ask. This following White Paper provides an introduction into AWS security.

  • AWS Storage Solutions 101

    In this white paper, we will discuss the variety of storage solutions available from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Developing a broad understanding of the storage capabilities at AWS will enable cloud architects to design architectures that ensure that cloud deployments are highly scalable and available.

  • Tips and Tricks to Speed AWS Deployment

    Like many organizations, yours probably has investigated some of the services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and you've probably identified several that you would like to use. If you're a developer, a development manager, or a CIO who'd like to launch an AWS-hosted service like a pro, keep reading.

  • Introduction to Amazon Auto Scaling

    As with so many of its other services and products, Amazon Web Services (AWS) created Auto Scaling to solve its own scaling issues, and now provides the service to its customers for free.

  • Software Problems and How Docker Addresses Them

    Software problems? This is where Docker comes in. Docker allows software systems to be packaged and maintained in images. Images are templates that describe the sofware in the package, and, if needed, the software infrastructure (for example, libraries, configuration files, etc.) needed for the software to run.

  • 10 Ways Cloud is Changing the World

    The cloud revolution is truly a revolution-the way we work, learn and even play is very different now than it was just 10 or 15 years ago and, as the Internet becomes more pervasive and connections get faster and faster, will probably be a lot more different in 10 or 15 years.