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Microsoft White Papers

  • Top 10 Mistakes Deploying and Upgrading Lync Server 2013

    This white paper addresses the top problems when trying to deploy Microsoft Lync Server 2013 into a production environment and how to resolve the issues before they prevent product implementation or lower workplace productivity.

  • A Crossroads for Windows XP Users: Windows 7 or Windows 8?

    This white paper addresses the problem for Windows XP users on whether to go for Windows 7 or Windows 8. Do you transition to 7 and skip 8, or jump to 8 and wait for 9. All these questions are answered in this useful white paper from Global Knowledge.

  • Unlock the power of Microsoft SQL Server 2014

    This white paper examines the three key new features that show how SQL Server 2014 provides high-performance online transaction processing (OLTP), optimisation of business analytics, and migration of data to the cloud.

  • Dynamic Access Control: Beyond Classic NTFS Permissions

    Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012 lets you manage access to documents in ways that go beyond classic NTFS file system permissions. Find out more in this whitepaper.

  • Hyper-V Replicas in Windows Server 2012

    Hyper-V Replicas make it possible to copy Hyper-V virtual machines across a LAN or WAN even if you don’t have a failover cluster or shared storage between the virtual machine. Find out more in this whitepaper.

  • Windows 8.1 Client to Microsoft’s Cloud Services

    Windows 8.1 represents Microsoft’s client-side push into cloud computing with the user interface being an extension into all things “cloud.”. Find out more in this whitepaper.