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BCS (ISEB) Diploma BA Specialist Modules

BCS (ISEB) Business Analysis Specialist Modules - Knowledge-based

Candidates have to pass one knowledge-based specialist module. The Organisational Context written examination is scenario-based and lasts one-hour. The other certificates are gained through passing a one-hour, closed book, multiple-choice examination consisting of 40 questions.

Commercial Awareness (SCMA) / Organisational Context

This module covers Business Finance and Organisational Behaviour, this certificate looks at the commercial and organisational knowledge required for business analysis work.

Note: This certificate has replaced our 'Organisational Context' module. If you hold this module you can use it to contribute to the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis (subject to meeting the needs of the current published scheme).

Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis (SFBA)

This provides an overview of the business analyst role, the competencies of a business analyst and the techniques used in strategic analysis, investigation and stakeholder analysis, modelling business systems and processes, requirements engineering and IT system modelling, and making a business case.

Foundation Certificate in Business Change (BFBC)

This Diploma is an international, industry-recognised certification that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and capabilities to be an effective business analyst.

Foundation Certificate in Project Management (MPMF)

This provides an overview of the approach and techniques used in IT-related project management, including project initiation, planning and estimating, teams and motivation, risk management and quality planning, and project monitoring and control.

BCS (ISEB) Business Analysis Specialist Modules - Practitioner

Candidates have to select one of the following practitioner specialist modules. The certificates are gained by passing a one-hour scenario-based written examination. 

Modelling Business Processes (SMBP)

This module covers the techniques for modelling processes at an organisational level and developing detailed ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ business process models. Process management, improvement and redesign, and process change implementation are also covered in this module.

System Development Essentials using Agile (SSDE)

This module explores a range of development lifecycles, approaches and techniques, with particular emphasis on those used in Agile systems development.

Benefits Management and Business Acceptance (BMBA)

Concerned with the delivery of successful software solutions, this certificate focuses on two key elements: benefits management and acceptance testing.

Systems Modelling Techniques using UML (SSMT)

This module covers the key UML techniques used to model IT systems including use case diagrams, class models, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams and state machines.

For more information access our BCS (ISEB) Diploma in Business Analysis Core Modules. For our full set of Business Analysis courses call us now on 0118 912 3456.

NB: our BCS (ISEB) Business Analysis courses are run in conjunction with an accredited examination body.