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BCS (ISEB) Diploma BA - How to get it

To gain the Diploma in Business Analysis, candidates must pass four one-hour written examinations on a number of business analysis topics, each of which leads to a certificate which has value in its own right.

There are two mandatory modules on the left below and one each from Knowledge and Practitioner specialisms listed.  To convert their set of certificates into the Diploma, candidates then attend an interview with two BCS examiners to confirm their technical, business and interpersonal competencies. The structure of the diploma is as follows: Business Analysis 1

Knowledge-based: (ONE)
(multiple choice exams)

  • BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness e-learning symbol
  • BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis e-learning symbol
  • BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change e-learning symbol
  • BCS Foundation Certificate in Project Management

Practitioner-based: (ONE)
(written exams)

  • BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes e-learning symbol
  • BCS Certificate in Systems Development Essentials with Agile
  • BCS Certificate in Systems Modelling Techniques
  • BCS Certificate in Benefits Management and Business Acceptance

Please note: any certification with an e-learning symbol symbol by the side has an e-learning option.

 If you do choose to include the e-learning options, you have the ability to purchase 'passports' in advance to save time and money. Click here for more information.