IBM Platform Symphony Basic Administration for Linux

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This course is designed to give IT system administration and application support teams the required knowledge to deploy, use, and maintain the Symphony clusters in their working environment. The attendees will gain a strong understanding of Symphony architecture and resource and workload management concepts, and learn basic cluster configuration and administration skills.

This course description is based on ERC 4.0.


You should be familiar with Linux operating system and have basic system administration experience. Previous experience with Grid Computing technologies and solutions is beneficial but not required.


In this course, you will learn about:

  • Platform Symphony introduction and overview
  • Platform Symphony installation
  • Platform Symphony GUI orientation
  • Platform Symphony EGO overview
  • Resource planning with EGO
  • EGO administration
  • EGO slot allocation tuning
  • SOA workload management with SOAM
  • Platform Symphony application deployment and management
  • Platform Symphony administration
  • Platform Symphony scheduling
  • Platform Symphony reporting
  • Platform Symphony security
  • Platform Symphony troubleshooting
  • Platform Symphony resilience
  • Platform Symphony 7.1 new features


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Present Platform Symphony overview
  • Install Platform Symphony on Linux
  • Describe Platform Symphony web GUI
  • Describe EGO and its components
  • Plan resources with EGO
  • Administrate Platform Symphony with EGO
  • Perform EGO slot allocation tuning
  • Manage SOA workload with SOAM
  • Deploy and manage Platform Symphony application
  • Schedule jobs in Platform Symphony
  • Perform Platform Symphony basic administration tasks
  • Create reports with Platform Symphony reporting tool
  • Create Platform Symphony events
  • Troubleshoot Platform Symphony
  • Demonstrate Platform Symphony resilience

Target Audience

This course is designed for system administration, grid and application support personnel who will be responsible for managing and utilizing Symphony grid. Application developers and end users can also benefit from this course.

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