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Managed Training Services

An easier way to manage your learning

Organisations want to have confidence that the delivery of their staff development services will be managed smoothly. We can help you to develop a solution that shares your corporate values and delivers to your internal standards and processes. We understand the development needs of your people, and can provide a set of services and products designed with you and your organisation in mind, that will constantly evolve to help you stay ahead of your changing business needs.

Our Managed Training Service takes away the burden of managing the developmental process and leaves you free to define and measure the outcomes required to transform your organisational effectiveness.

The benefits of using a Managed Training Service include:

  • A flexible partnership (focused on long term goals) 
  • Simple operating structure 
  • Dedicated customer service 
  • Enhanced governance 
  • Proven quality and consistency 
  • Enhanced purchasing power (significant reduction in direct cost) 
  • Guidance and access to subject expertise 
  • Better visibility of ROI 

"To sum it up, the relationship with Global knowledge feels like we have an extended team of experts, not only within L&D but in the wider technical arena as their support of our technical teams is really hands on and very 24/7. No matter what we throw their way they always do their best to provide a solution. Therefore, I trust Global Knowledge to provide a managed service that looks after our Telecoms and IT training requirements"  

Mandy Rutherford, Group Head of Learning & Development, Kingston Communications PLC

"Global Knowledge does an excellent job of managing our learning services. They have been able to develop a fully functional and effective booking and administration process. They provide full technical support and resolve any issues quickly and smoothly. They have an ability to understand our business and build solutions that continue to improve our operations."

"Global Knowledge managed all aspects of our training programme. The professionalism with which the programme was delivered was second to none. We couldn't have done it without them!"

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